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It is unsurprising that lead remains such a widely recycled and recovered building material. For centuries, it has been used for construction applications on account of such characteristics as its corrosion resistance and ability to both shrink and expand in accordance with changing temperature levels. This has helped to make it a go-to choice for contemporary and historic homes alike.

However, when you are seeking a company that can provide the highest standard of lead maintenance or repair, you cannot do better than Skyline Roofing. We possess not only a remarkable 35 years’ experience in the roofing and building industries, but also an exceptional level of specialist know-how in lead work.

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Lead Work Checklist

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  • Have you experienced roof leaks or damage?
  • Is your roof protected and weatherproofed?
  • Are your guttering and joints covered?
  • Is your lead work for decoration or insulation?

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What makes us such a major provider of lead repair and maintenance?

Many homeowners fail to realise that the lead work on their roofing is no less important than the actual roof covering. Indeed, you may notice a stain on your ceiling and look for broken tiles, only to later discover – with the assistance of a reputable Irish roofing contractor such as Skyline Roofing & Building – that it is instead a fault with the lead flashings that is to blame.

Our experts can draw upon truly wide-ranging know-how in relation to lead work, encompassing such specialised areas as lead roofs, cover flashing, step flashing and decorative bays. Lead must be installed, dressed and pointed correctly if it is to continue delivering exceptional performance as an element of your home’s roofing and prevent future worry or expense.

Skyline Roofing & Building contractors are experts in identifying your roof leaks problems and we  have the expertise to rectify the problem, weather its the installation of a new flat roof or lead work of a more bespoke nature anywhere in the Dublin area or well beyond the pale to anywhere in Leinster , Skyline Roofing & Building has demonstrated its reputability time and time again.

What are the benefits of lead work?

  • Weatherproofs by sealing two surfaces
  • Lead contracts and expands with temperature changes
  • Can act as dressing on a damaged roof

Choose lead work for the following applications

  • New build roofs
  • Existing roofs


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However basic or ornate the work, and whether you are interested in a straightforward repair or more intricate maintenance, Skyline Roofing & Building can be by your side, helping to ensure that your lead roofing continues to meet the most exacting 21st-century standards.

From our use of only the highest-quality materials to the high level of skill of our team that enables even the most discerning requirements to be met, you have every reason to make us your choice of lead work specialists in Dublin,

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A company I can trust

I wanted a company that I could trust, so I decided to use Skyline Roofing. Their surveyors were extremely helpful in deciding on my requirements. The work they done was excellent, I am very happy with everything

John O'Sullivan

Excellent service from start to finish

Just had my new flat roof, facias and guttering done. Michael and James were excellent workers and they never stopped, whilst keeping everything clean and tidy. I will definitely be using this company again.

Mary Green

Pleasant and helpful

I recently had my roof repaired and was really impressed with the team who carried out the work. Pleasant, hard working guys who pressed ahead to get the job finished before the next rain Their prompt and swift repair prevented more water damage to my ceilings .

Mike McCarthy.