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Whether you require your brickwork to be repaired, repointed, refurbished or even entirely demolished and built afresh, our brickwork service is on hand to pick up the pieces – and build them into a robust structure you can trust.

What should you be on the lookout for?

Imperfections in your brickwork can start subtly, but begin to look glaringly and garishly evident over time. This becomes especially apparent if your brickwork was not built professionally and with care in the first place, which is why we dedicate ourselves to working carefully and precisely when we deal with all aspects of brickwork.

Any visible damage to the bricks or mortar could be warning signs that your brickwork needs some attention, while any evidence of damp, or deposits of minerals and salt, could also spell trouble.

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Brickwork Checklist

Whether you’re building a new wall, an extension or an entire property, brickwork is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle. Answer these questions first.


  • Do you have planning permission to build?
  • Have you selected bricks and laying patterns?
  • Are the right supports in place?
  • Do you have clear building plans?

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An effective brickwork service that lasts

Every year, Skyline Roofing & Building carry out thousands of square metres of brickwork repointing, which accounts for around 20% of our annual turnover. You will know that you’re dealing with far more than a roofing company; we will take on any brickwork project, no matter how big or small.

All homes in the greater Dublin should have their brickwork regularly inspected as part of any building works contract, ideally when scaffolding has already been erected. Our team have the specialist experience and expertise essential for assembling brickwork to bespoke specifications required and to the highest professional standard every time.

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A company I can trust

I wanted a company that I could trust, so I decided to use Skyline Roofing. Their surveyors were extremely helpful in deciding on my requirements. The work they done was excellent, I am very happy with everything

John O'Sullivan

Excellent service from start to finish

Just had my new flat roof, facias and guttering done. Michael and James were excellent workers and they never stopped, whilst keeping everything clean and tidy. I will definitely be using this company again.

Mary Green

Pleasant and helpful

I recently had my roof repaired and was really impressed with the team who carried out the work. Pleasant, hard working guys who pressed ahead to get the job finished before the next rain Their prompt and swift repair prevented more water damage to my ceilings .

Mike McCarthy.