Brickwork Restoration

Why you need brickwork restoration

Brickwork is tough and durable, but it is continuously exposed to the elements. Over time the mortar that holds the bricks together, and even the bricks themselves, will start to wear and crumble.

Wind and rain erode the mortar, water gets inside, icy temperatures will cause the water to freeze and the pointing mortar will crack. Dampness can potentially penetrate into your building’s substrate – the weather can have any number of consequences for your brickwork.

That’s why it’s absolutely vital to protect your bricks, they protect your home.

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If your building has bricks that are chipped, fractured or crumbling, please do not let this cause you unnecessary concern. We are experts in brick repairs – either by performing brick replacements with a size, colour and type-match, or by re-facing defective bricks with a colour matched mortar. Our craftsmen can bring any unsightly facade back to life with our specialist techniques, skills and knowledge.

We also offer

  • Brick replacements: for customers who only need a small number of bricks replacing
  • Brickwork sealant: existing brickwork can also be sealed with a unique two-coat system that will protect your property against frost and water damage

Building Restoration & Repairs

Is your home in need of brickwork restoration?

Owning a period property that is dilapidated, neglected or poorly maintained can be a major cause of worry and concern. This is the type of project that we relish at Skyline Roofing & Building.

By using the correct materials and mortars we can repair and restore your property back to its former glory. Simply click here to get in touch with the Skyline Roofing & Building team, and don’t forget to ask for a free, no-obligation quote.

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